RG w/Horizontal scrolling has extra space

Struggling to find this one, so putting it out to the experts!

I have a repeating group, with horizontal scrolling, that scrolls to empty space, even with only one record. In fact, it shows scrolling when looking in the editor in responsive mode. I can’t find any over-sized objects, and just don’t know where to look at this point.

Ideas on what causes this?


Check the width of the repeating group itself. Can’t see specifically in your example, but it’s likely the width of the repeating group is wider than the width of the group you have inside of it.

Let me know if that isn’t the issue.

Hmm yeah I see what you’re saying after doing some more testing on my own. For some reason my debugger isn’t wanting to show so I’ll keep experimenting a bit and let you know if I find something.

Thanks for taking a look!

I’ve adjusted the group within, and the rg to have the same width – no change.

I couldn’t reproduce in a simpler form, so I have to assume some element has gone rogue – I’ve click on every item in the element tree, and nothing found. ???

I’d submit a bug report. I recreated the situation from scratch with same results. Likely something they’ll need to change.

Thanks for looking – I’ll submit now that somebody else vouches. :slight_smile: