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Repeating group not showing a list of images separately

I’m trying to do something that I thought it was going to be very simple: assign few tarot cards to each user and when he login, he would see only those cards.

I created a Data type with 22 tarot cards (name, number and image). Then another Data type called User_cards where I would assign cards to each user using the Multiselect Dropdown plugin:

When the user login I wanted him to see the image of those 3 cards using a Repeating group. I search for the current user and then the field where the 3 cards are listed:

ant then I place the images inside the Repeating Group:

But nothing shows up. I think the problem is that the 3 images are in the same row. When I tried the text instead of the images, the name of the 3 cards were in the same first raw of the repeating group. When inspecting the resuts, I can see the 3 images are there:

I’ve been trying for hours to find a way to show the images in different rows and I finally give up… I need help.

This is something I need to figure out in order to create a real app for my business, where I will have more than 100 images, but each user will access only a few and I need to set up which images he will access from the backend.

Thanks for your help,


I think the problem is in your Image B you should set the dynamic image for the current cell’s Image. Since it’s already set with the data source in the repeating group, you should be all set and only need to define what appears not to search for it again inside the repeating group.


Thanks Jhon, it worked just fine!! I spent hours trying to do that and it was so simple. Thanks a lot.

Now, what if I want to instead of show the user’s images in a Repeating Group, I want the user to pick one of their cards from a Dropdown list. I tried that and again I have the problem I have been facing: the 3 items are in the same line:

And of course I don’t get any results for the image:

Thanks again for your help!!


What does your user_card’s table look like?

The Option Caption should just be Current Option’s Name - unless Selected’s Name is what you named the name field in the User_cards table. It seems to me you are restricting it further - but I’m not sure…

I experimented with setting up something like this. Here’s what I got working. It should be illustrative, even if it’s not exactly what you need.

You can select from a list of users. That will make the multiselect autofill with that user’s assigned cards. If you don’t like the current list, you can change it. If you hit submit the user’s assigned cards will be changed to whatever is in the multiselect.

This is what the form looks like in the editor

And the workflow

dropdown A just finds all users

multidrop A just finds all cards

resetting the multidrop’s selection to the dropdown’s user’s assigned cards

and the database that makes it work (you actually have to start building from the database first)

Thanks for all you did to help. I’m not sure what you did will help me. I also have a submission form in order to assign cards to each user, and that works fine:

However, when I login as a user, and I want to see my assigned cards, I want to be able to select one from a dropdown list and see its image. Something like this:

The problem I have is that in the dropdown I get all the list items in one single line:

Thanks agan for the effort


Here are my tables:

Does this help?


I would try this. Instead of user_cards as your data source for the dropdown, I would use Card. Then your choices source should be do a search for cards (constraint: name IN do a search for user_cards (constraint: user = current user))'s name. Bad pseudo code but something along those lines.

Finally, your Option caption should be current option’s name.


Yeah, the content of that dropdown looks like an actual list, as in a text string with values delimited by commas. That’s how lists are stored in Bubble. So you’ve set the dropdown to expect to display a list of lists, rather than a list of cards.

In my example you can see that the dropdown is expecting to display Users and its data source is a search for all Users. That search will return a list of the Users that match the search criteria. So the dropdown will get a list of Users and put one user in each option. The visual representation of each option will be the “current option”'s email (the User’s email).

When someone is logged in to your app they are the only User to worry about, so you don’t have to do a search for Users. Set your dropdown to display Cards. Now you need a list of Cards. That list is in the field Selected of User_cards. If you didn’t record the right User_cards on the User, then you’ll have to do a search for any User_cards with User=Current User:First Item (assuming there’s only one). The data source will be the field Selected of the result of that search.