Hide loading spinner when input(s) are filled out


I have a page with quite some input fields searching the DB and making various calculations.

I’ve tinkered but not come up with a solution how to trigger hiding a loading spinner show the user the page is working. Is there any easy/elegant way as for triggering on when an RG is loaded?

Best, Peter

Do you want to show a loading spinner when a repeating group is loading?
You can try this: make the spinner invisible on page load, add a condition to make it visible when repeating group is loading is yes.

Sorry, no RG on the page. Just num inputs.

If you have a search you can always put it in a repeating group to have the loading status. If a dropdown is searching for options put that search in a rg somewhere in the page and reference the list of data in the dropdown.

If you do the search inside a workflow you can show the spinner at the beginning of the workflow and hide it at the end.