Spinner until RG loaded


In relation to Force repeating groups to load while hidden i have a page with RGs (that I don’t want to show) in a RG show to the user. I solved this by loading ALL data into separate visible RG placed under a white shape. The RGs in the RG show to the user are then populatet using the ALL data RG and a filter. This way I can remove the spinner when the ALL data RG is not loading and contains > 0 items.

Is there a simples solution?

  • Best, Peter

For clarity:

  1. Public RG - only one RG that the user will see.
  2. Private RG - multiple RGs (1 per cell of the Public RG) that you don’t want users to see


The question, before I offer my solution, is do each of the Private RGs’s filters rely on that Public RG’s cell’s data?