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Repeating group implementation strategy

How does the data fetch work? Dynamic or all at once?

If you have a repeating group that can potentially return 100’s+ of records, will this take a long time to load or is the repeating group just searching records as you scroll?

Depending on the answer, what is the best implementation strategy?

When you have 100s of records, I recommend making use of the fixed # of cells and the “Show Next/Previous” options.

Incorporate Previous and Next icons for help with navigation.

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Thanks, what would be the recommended number of fixed elements for maximum efficiency?

For example:
if you are bringing back something like the a Facebook user image + Text (<140):limited to 10 charaters + A Count(on a list belonging to the record)

The Bubble team can likely answer better than I can. Generally, I find Bubble is pretty quick when designing responsibly. Rarely do I have RGs with more than 25 records displayed.

I aim for less overall data in repeating groups and more detail on subsequent action. (Ex. clicking on the record may display a popup with further detail or link to a single-record display page).

Two quick thoughts:

  • Are the images stored on Bubble or are you pulling from somewhere else? Are these big images that’ll take up bandwidth on a mobile device? Needing to be resized?

  • Are you referencing fields across multiple databases and applying some sort of conditional formatting or logic? (Ie. you have a formula that displays an icon in a specific color if a condition is met). (Depending on how you build out the logic, this logic can be a bit less obvious to the end user while the page is loading)

I don’t know the size of the image that Facebook (still researching it) gives you once you log in. I use them as small icon. But I am determining what the actual size is yet.

The image is kept in a Bubble database.

Yes, the fields are coming from the same table, but one of the fields is a list of another table for which the count function is executed. So the only logic I do on that field is a ‘count’.