Repeating Group inside a Repeating Group

Hello guyz, :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

I am trying make a list (RG) of differents RG.
I have Input form with single field and RG.
I know how to manage a single field input (store it, save it as user data…) but i really don’t how to do with RG. AS you can see (below) i just display the same RG and not the list of RG.
I think it might be a question of DB.

Do you have any idea??? tuto?

Thanks a lot :wink:


What is your use case?

I want to make a kind of resume form. Each experience is a RG cell.
In each experience, there is single field (like compagny name), and multiple choices field (like skills).

I know how to manage single field (store, auto binding…) but i don’t know how to do with multiple choices field.

So something like.

January 2019 - May 2019
Acme INC
Skill A, Skill B

August 2018 - December 2018
Skill C

And you just want to display that? Or also include a form?

Yes, something like that. It will be a form with input that the user will fill. Like below .

The user has to get the possibility to modify if he wants, that is why i autobind single field.

So you need a data type Experience which has some fields and one of those fields is a list of skills.

Using nested RGs.

Parent RG
Type Experience
Source Search for Experience…

Child RG
Type Skill
Source Parent’s group Experience’ s Skills.

Also remember auto binding only works for existing records in the DB not to create new ones.

I know that and it is ok because the user has to create it to start.

I think it is what i did, but it doesn’t work :disappointed_relieved:
I am getting crazy about that… Could you have a look if you have time (please)?

Thank you for your time anyway.


On it.

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Thank you so much. Tell me if you need anything

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