Repeating group inside the another repeating group

hello, I have a doubt regarding repeater groups, I need to insert a repeater group inside another, I have a table of orders, and a table for the items of this order, in this way I need to put a repeater group listing the items of the order within each line of each order.

I was wondering if anyone could post an example of how to do this.

What you’re describing is definitely possible. I use them on my site often. Just drop another repeating group (RG) inside the cell of the big RG.

It sounds like you’d want the big RG type of content to be “orders”, and the small RG would be type “items”. The easiest way to get the correct items to display would be to make sure your “order” data type has a “list of items” field. Your source for the small RG would be “this order’s list of items”.

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hello mike, thanks for the feedback, I did some tests and it even worked, but if I put the repeater groups inside normal groups to be able to structure it better, it doesn’t work, I put an image with an example of the structure I’m trying to assemble

I think the issue might be with “group order items”. You probably want that also to be a group with “this cell’s order” as the data source. Then your “repeating group of items” data source would be “parent group’s orders list of items”. Basically, I think you’re going from “orders” to “items” too early in your layers. You can’t store lists on regular groups, so you need to switch to the list of items at the repeating group itself, not before. Does that make sense?

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