Repeating group - Issue with last row's height


I have built a number of repeating groups that display data coming from an external database, using the SQL database connector pluggin. The layout style I am using is ‘full list’. In all of my repeating groups, it seems like the last row’s height is much bigger than the other rows. And the more lines I have in my RG, the higher the last row is.

And I noticed two more things:

  • I do not have the issue when I set the RG layout style to ‘vertical scrolling’
  • I do not have this issue when I create a RG with as a data source a bubble internal database (using the ‘search for’ on ‘users’ for example).

I went through many of the forum’s discussions on RG height collapse and have tried different potential solutions such as grouping the elements of each cell and collapsing the group when hidden but nothing has worked so far.

Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks to the community for your support!

I’ve seen this on chrome browser last row is practically invisible

@amielyoann Have not seen this before but don’t often use external data sources. Somehow that seems to be the outlier here. Total guesses:

  • I wonder if the data has extra spaces or characters in it that are causing text wrapping you’re not seeing?
  • Does the repeating group have a height taller than number of results?
  • Is it possible that results with empty names are being returned from your data source?

Another way to find clues might be to open in Chrome, right click on the bottom cell and open the Inspector to see what that might show you.

This is an odd one, best of luck.

What does the repeating group look like in the editor? On top of what @AdamT said, any additional spacing in the Repeating Group would be added when it’s loaded as well causing the last line to expand.

@AdamT @bcart0v
Thank you for these elements. I checked what the repeating group looks like in the editor and apparently the large blank white space which is at the bottom of my repeating group is not the last row. When I click on this white space, the editor does not detect any line and just identify the repeating group.

I really don’t see what could be causing this extra space, but it is not caused by the data format nor the height of the repeating group (height of my repeating group is 358 px for 8 rows and I am display a full list of 30+ rows) nor empty names returned from data source (I have filtered out empty data).

Any other guesses? Many thanks again for your support

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