Take an action only when all items in a repeating group have loaded onscreen

Is there a way to trigger something only when all the items in a repeating group have fully loaded onscreen?

One example could be hiding a status animation once a repeating group of book titles is fully loaded onscreen…meaning that the status animation only hides once all of those book titles are readable by the user.

Another example could be showing a button on the page once a repeating group of inventory items has loaded onscreen…meaning that the button only shows once all those inventory items are readable by the user.

Also interested in this. A hint, anyone? :slight_smile:

Is till haven’t figured this one out! I reverted to adding a group with a spinner over the page load for a certain amount of seconds. There doesn’t seem to be an accurate way of doing this, even though you can set a condition to say show this spinner group until repeating group is visible. It still is not loaded when the condition becomes true.

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Almost 3-year old thread with no solution… Hmm.

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@StevenM @alejandrowunderlich You can do the same but put the spinner in the RG but under the content to show. Just make sure your content has a background color (eg. White) so that the spinners are hidden when the content loads.

@mangooly Unfortunately that doesn’t work when you have a slow loading repeating group. The best solution I came up with back then was to add a page wide popup with the spinner added, add it over the loading repeating group and remove it after x seconds. This gives the illusion it’s just loading the page not that bubble is slow to respond. Smoke and mirrors :rofl:


Hey folks. So a while back I set out to find an accurate solution to this “how do I know when a repeating group is finished loading” problem once and for all (at least for the most common use cases).

The result, a plugin I call Super Render Checker.

It works by “watching” a specific text or image element and will fire an event when the element has been fully rendered in the users’ browser (not just “loaded”). So now I can show a “loading” popup and hide it only when the event is triggered, much better UX :slight_smile:

Would love to get some feedback on it, and if you need a hand setting it up give me a shout.


@StevenM @alejandrowunderlich @mangooly