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Repeating Group loads very slow

we have a repeating group showing all jobpostings. Every jobposting can have more working locations. Every working location is a thing in the database (Adress, Job). To allow users to find all jobs in a specific radius we search in our repeating group for working locations:job:unique elements:filtered (see screenshot). With 100 jobs everything was fine. Since we have more than 1000 jobs, that doesn´t work anymore because of the extrem long loading time…

Any ideas how we can fix that?


You have two filters that are slowing down the search.

  1. “Advanced:”
  2. “unique elements”

Any chance your database can be restructured to avoid using these filters?

You should deduplicate database and don’t use unique elements, and get rid of advanced filters.

The two restrictions @edtyli9 pointed are processed in user side, that is why they are slowing down your RG.

The “Search for” is processed in Bubble’s server. So try to restructure you database to be able to filter as much as you can thru a single “Search for”…

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Thanks for the information. We have to filter like this because of the multiple working locations. Have a look at my previous topic: Radius search with multiple addresses

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