Mark selected cell in repeating group and remove mark from not selected


I am currently fighting with a repeating group. I want to mark the selected cell, which I do with a custom state and a conditional. However, if I click on another cell in the repeating group, the mark is not removed from the other cells.

I tried to change the conditional to “is not” in a second conditional for the cell, but this did not help at all. I guess, because the only thing that gets evaluated is the cell that is currently selected. I also tried something like clear repeating group via workflow. Also not working.

I tried to solve this now for two days without any luck. Any help is highly appreaciated. I would really love a bubble native solution and no external java script or something.

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Try setting a custom state of the repeating group called index that is a number. Then when you click on a cell set that state to the clicked cell’s index. Then add a conditional on the cells to say when the current cell’s index is the repeating group’s index add the border style and do the opposite to have no border when current cell’s index is not repeating groups index.

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That was a quick one. I think your logic is similar to mine, but I found the issue. I defined the custom state on the element and not on the RG. Changing this, solved the issue. Thank you!

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