Repeating Group Not Displaying Despite Dynamic Data

Okay, I’m following Gaby’s tutorial and managed to get through it but hit a snag. I’m using a repeating group but despite me using the dynamic data for job post listing it wouldn’t display them. Only when I do a search. There is no restrictions as I checked everything. What’s wrong?

Figured it out. I took the Any Constraint off. I wonder why it was giving me problems and not her? Thanks if you can explain.

Can you tell me which tutorial? Here it is. I placed the time stamp with the link. While turning off Any Constraints makes my repeating group visible, it makes it unable for a user to perform a search.

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Am also using her tut as a guideline but also found that as soon as I add a search input , all my contents in my RG disappear. So I would like to ask where can I fnd the No Constraints?

Thank you