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Repeating group not fetching results


In a bit of a panic here, as out of the blue (it seems) a critical repeating group in my app is no longer returning any results.

As per setup below, the ‘Candidates’ thing is full of candidate records, and even if I relax the constraints, zero results come back - in both dev and live versions of my app.

Good news is that I found the solution - there was a server side privacy rule blocking the repeating group from receiving its data, which I’ve now removed.

Bad news is that I haven’t touched the privacy tab in quite a while - @emmanuel do you know if there is any chance that there was a change made in this area that might have caused an old privacy constraint to be brought back to life?

In trying to work this out, I also did an app revert to 7 days ago - and I can see changes that I made 3 days ago still in effect. Specifically, the CC: person in an email workflow was added 3 days ago, and I had expected to need to redo this after the revert. Not so.

We did fix an issue recently that was happening in some corner cases, but I can’t tell for sure this was the root issue.

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