Repeating Group not showing any content?

I just started a new app and when I place a repeating group it does not show anything but the background of the group. Any idea why this could be happening.

Again, if I change the background it shows up, however no content within the group is showing.

I have tried to look into the style settings but thus far there is nothing working no matter what I put inside the group.

Also, there is a grey slider bar on the right hand side of the group even though there is nothing to slide within the group yet.

There might be many reasons. Use the debugger to find out. Check whether the repeating group is visible at all, then check whether the data source is not empty. It is all to be done in the debugger.

Thank you, it was not showing any data type as you said.

If data source is empty you need to add an expression to the repeating group data source. Usually it is do search for ...

Here is more info on this Containers - Bubble Docs

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