Repeating group not showing correct filters

Good day everyone,

I can’t seem to solve this straight-forward issue and I’m not sure if its a bug on bubble side.

My repeating group is not showing the correct search results according to the filters i have set (unless i set up something wrongly).

I am filtering according to a data type “message thread”, and looking for threads where the current user is part of, under the field Users (which is a list of Users).

But i am only able to see the thread when i’m logged in as ([email protected]) but not when i’m logged in with ([email protected]) which is very weird to me.

When logged in as [email protected]:

When logged in as [email protected]:

I’m not sure if its a bug or a mistake on my part, but the logic seems to be fine to me. Appreciate any of your kind help!

Instead of “contain current user” you need “contains current user’s email”.

If you want to use “contains current user”, which I would recommend, you need to change your “Users” Data type to User. On doing this you will see that user’s are not identified by their email but rather by their unique ID.

The data field “Users” on the Message thread data type is of type “Users” already.

If i put “contains current user’s email”, it will display an error because its not of type User.

Hummm :thinking:

This is strange to me too.

What is “empty” here?


And what is the rest of this instructions?


Yes it is strange, could it be a bug?

The empty is supposed to be a list of search results, which shows for the [email protected] user but not for [email protected].

For [email protected]:

For [email protected]:

Here’s the dynamic info i put in the repeating group. its similar for the picture, just taking the User’s picture instead.

Can you post a link to your editor? It would be a lot easier to figure out what’s going on if we could see how you have everything structured.

Check privacy rules if you haven’t already. They’re set by default now.

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Its the privacy rules that were causing the problem. Thanks everyone! I think its because the new Bubble makes the data type have privacy rules by default, so I missed it out