Repeating group not showing search results

Good day,

I can’t seem to solve this straight-forward issue and I’m not sure if its a bug on bubble side.

My repeating group is not showing the correct search results according to the filters i have set (unless i set up something wrongly).

I am filtering according to a data type “message thread”, and looking for threads where the current user is part of, under the field Users (which is a list of Users).

But i am only able to see the thread when i’m logged in as ( but not when i’m logged in with ( which is very weird to me.

When logged in as

When logged in as

I’m not sure if its a bug or a mistake on my part, but the logic seems to be fine to me. Appreciate your kind help!

Hmmm… hard to tell. My first guess would be the privacy rules. Are those properly set up?

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I agree with @rico.trevisan - especially in light of recent changes in privacy rule defaults.

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Yes you’re right! managed to fix it once i change the privacy rules. no wonder it didn’t make sense at first because the logic was correct. thanks man appreciate it :slight_smile:

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