Repeating group not showing in live

I am done building my Christmas advent calendar.
In test mode I can see the repeating group, but when I deploy it doesn’t show?
I have made sure that the “show on load” is ok, but I have also made a conditional that says that you cannot click the different days before a certain date.
But still, in test mode they are visible but nok clickable but in live mode they just doesn’t show.

I hope someone can help (before dec 1st !)

Hi there, @sillepeitersen… when someone describes an issue like the one you have described, it is often related to the fact that there are separate databases for development and live, and deploying your app to live doesn’t copy the data from development to live. So, the question is do you have data in the development database that is not in the live database? If that is the case, go to the App data tab and use the Copy and restore database link to copy the data from development to live, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Hey, I hope you updated your live database as well before deploying the app. I often forget to make changes to my live database and face the same issue. Just my 2 cents

I am such a newb… well that did the trick, thank you so much!

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