Repeating group visible in development version is not visible in live version

Good morning, I was about to make a pitch but the error described in the subject line has spoiled everything for me and caused me a bit of anxiety and despair.

It turns out that I use several repeating group that work perfectly in the development version (NO ERRORS) but when I deploy to the live version, they come up empty. As if I have a problem with the data type or with the source.

I don’t understand why it looks fine in the development version and I don’t even get bubble errors.

Could someone help me by explaining what is going on and/or what I should do? please!


Hi there, @moralesjtr… when someone posts an issue like the one you are describing, what immediately comes to mind is that the development and live databases are separate, and deploying your app does not copy data from development to live. So, are you sure the development and live databases have the same data in them? If you need to copy the data from development to live, use the red Copy and restore database link on the App data tab, but be careful because you will be overwriting your live database with the data in your development database.

Hope this helps.


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Repeating Groups are for displaying data, and in your case I’m guess you’re displaying data from your database.

So, as @mikeloc points out, the fact that it’s displaying data in your dev version, but not in your live version, almost certainly means that you just don’t have any data in your live database to display.

If you haven’t created any data in your live database (or copied it from your dev database) then there won’t be any data in it, and therefore nothing for the RG to display.

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Indeed! Thank you very much. I have already copied data from the development version to the live version. If there is anything else to take into consideration for the live version, it would be great to receive your tips.

Otherwise I am happy and grateful for the support you provided and the promptness with which you did it.

I think that today more than ever (with the price changes) it is essential to feel protected by those more experienced in the platform. Greetings and blessings.

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Thank you very much brother! Thanks to you I have solved it. Regards!

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