Repeating group not showing results after changing the source

Hello, I have been fighting with a problem for some days that I don’t know if it is related to the missing records problem or if it is something that I’m actually not figuring out.

I have a data type for person, and there is a field that is a list of tasks. Task in this case is also a data type, with fields name, done and due date.

My top menu is a reusable element. In it there is a dropdown in which the user can choose one person from a list. It is binded to a field of the user that tells what is the current person. I also tried changing current person with workflow but with the same problem.

On my main page, I have this top menu and five repeating groups that shows tasks for the current person selected for different dates (each repeating group shows tasks for a different day). So, I have a repeating group in which the source is the list of tasks for the current person filtered for a given day. It works fine when I change the person on the dropdown… but not always. Sometimes when I change the person I get blank results even when I’m sure there is something to be shown. In that case if I hit refresh, the hidden data appears for the same person.

Do I have to reset a repeating group somehow every time one of the resources mentioned on its data source change? Or should this really be automatic?

I am not entirely clear about the question, but based on your explanation you should check the conditions you have set or have not set when do “do search for…”

Thanks for mentioning. I actually checked it and when this problem occurs, I simply hit refresh and the results appear so it is not the search the problem. Actually I’m using on the DataSource CurrentUser’sCurrentPerson’s tasks:filtered and not a do a search for. I wonder if somwhow I should refresh the Repeating Group. I noticed also that when it was already populated by elements with varied heights it gets a little messy when repopulated for a new person. If cell is taller, it remains taller after changing the context even if the text is shorter.

That’s one of the downside of the repeating group

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Just like in the problem mentioned here, the problem does not happen always. For example, right now there is no way I can reproduce the problem even though I didn’t change anything. But there is one difference for the problem described on the link. Today when it happens I see nothing. On the link I mentioned a problem in which new things were appearing and disappearing and deleted things were coming back.

@mario1 Do you have the example in preview mode or edit mode.

@muradamod I’ll keep checking if the problem persists and try to replicate on the forum app. Thanks!