Repeating group not visible inside another group

Hi there!

Having an issue where I can’t seem to get my repeating group to show up. Not sure why.

I’ve got a “fill in which Postal State you’d like” section in my app which is only visible is the checkbox “State” is checked , higher up on the page. The issue I faced is using the radio buttons, Users couldn’t select multiple Postal States , only one at a time, so to get around this I followed this youtube video:

You can see the workflows implemented for the checkbox here:

This is what the preview looks like:

It’s got to be something with the repeating group because when testing with other elements in the “Postal States” (named States) Box, they’re visible without issues.

I’m sure its got to be something simple im missing. Thanks, any help is appreciated.


I am not sure whether a “state” is a data type.

  1. Try checking ignore empty constraints in the constraints of the search

  2. If #1 fails, and if a state is a data type, add manually a few entries of “states”, remove all constraints and do a search for states and see what happens

  3. Make sure that your rg is set to “visible”, as well as, any other parent it is under

hi @cmarchan ,
thanks for your reply. I’ve tried what you recommended to no avail.

Unfortunately the “State” RG still won’t show up when testing. My understanding is that RG’s use “App Data” to show the dynamic data present in the “App Data” Section of Bubble. Correct me if im wrong, but yeah im completely lost as to why this isnt working.

Undo any privacy rule and see if it fixes the problem

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Bingo! It was something in the privacy rules. Thanks a lot @cmarchan , you’re awesome!

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