Repeating Group of File Names within a Repeating Group of Log Filesp of Log

I have a type (call it LogFile) that has a data element that is a list of file names (call it LogFileNames) among other data. I have set up a repeating group that lists each data element in each thing in the LogFile type (call it RGLogFile). I want to display the LogFileNames within the RGLogFile repeating group.

I can display the data in the LogFile type without problem in the RGLogFile. But, I can’t figure out how to display the LogFileNames in the row it belongs to. I set up a repeating group called RGLogFileNames. I set the type to text and the source to be Current Cell’s LogFile’s LogFileNames

No data appears in the RGLogFileNames.

I’d appreciate any help.



I’ll ask the dumb question: It seems that you set up the Repeating Group correctly, but did you put a text element inside the first cell of RGLogFileNames? Without the text element, nothing will show.

It’s likely you’ve done this, but it’s always the first thing I ask.

OMG … sometimes it’s the simple stuff that trips me up. I added a text element to the first cell of the RGLogFileNames; and low and behold, I got the list.

Thank You!!


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