Issues with repeating group display

I’m having some serious issues here, I am trying to fix team functionality and privacy rules are working in preview, then not in live, now not in preview

I have created a field called Team which is a list of users on the User type in the database.

Now, I have an email input and a button. When the button is clicked, the workflow adds a Do a search for a user with email (input’s email value) and adds that user to the current users ‘Team’.

This function works and can see the different team emails in the database.

Now i have a repeating group of type user, with the data source ‘Current Users’s Team’ with each cell having a text input that is current cell’s users first name, as well as an image per cell which is current cells user’s image.

However, in preview, the repeating group is completely empty and not showing anything.

I have temporarily disabled all privacy rules for the User data type in test mode so i can debug this.

I have been working with the Bubble platform ages and this is the first time i am truly dumbfounded - am i missing something super obvious?


I think we would need to see the problem in action to provide help, it is difficult to work out from just your descrpition.

I have the same exact issue. Repeating Group Is Not Displaying Dynamic Data. For some strange reason when I preview the page it shows blank. The Repeating Group does not show anything. Even though I have added data to the table in the db. And I have also tried removing any constraints on the Repeating Group but it still shows blank.
Was this issue ever resolved?
What is causing it? I have attached some images.