Repeating group of users with a boolean but I want to display all on page load

I am designing a directory, and one of the filters on the search page is a check box or toggle (doesn’t matter to me, whichever is easier to develop for this purpose) that is a “Show only users who are certified”.

In the data, this is a boolean (yes/no). On the search page load, I want it to display all meaning both certified and uncertified, but right now its displaying ‘no’/uncertified (as this is the default value/data source I have for the checkbox–I’ve experimented with this so many ways) and then if someone checks the box or toggles a switch, its ‘yes’/certified. How do I get it to be yes AND no on page load and then only yes when the box is check or toggle is switched?

Jessica, you can’t use a boolean filter for your purposes. You can change the boolean certified to text (prob not the route you want to go) OR use a dropdown filter with certified and uncertified as options and default blank. When an option in the dropdown is selected, you’d have to filter accordingly, either as a conditional on the RG or a WF triggered by the dropdown element value changing.

NOTE: If you are able to use ignore empty constraints for the RG, then you can format certified and uncertified as yes/no and just utilize regular filters for the RG.

Yeah, I did get it to work as a conditional for the RG to find the data source as certified yes when box was check and ignore empty, but it then over rides all the other filters or clears them all out. Any idea why? They are all custom states.

In the repeating group, I would add a condition “When Toggle is Yes” → change data source.

When you change the data source : if there are massive amount of data, you should do a new database querry.
If there is a reasonable amount of data, you can just :filter the data that is already there.


EDIT : ok you didn’t initially said that there were multiple filters involved. That won’t work then.

I would have to see your setup, but there is no null in a boolean, only yes or no, so you would have to use a three-state input…

In other words the state should prob be text and set it to yes when you want only certified results and empty when not.

Okay, I was able to make it work by adding all the filters into that same conditional. Is that terrible practice? The main data source for the RG is still ‘do a search for’, but this way, IF they check that box, those filters are in there and it does work, I just don’t know if from a developer POV if this is really messy.

My goal is to create a min. viable product, submit it to my beta group and launch it to a small group and then bring on a developer to fine tune these type of details. Is this solution enough for now?

It’s def not BEST practices but prob isn’t terrible practice either. If you add any filters and don’t update the main source and conditionals, it will be a mess. Either way you don’t need a developer to streamline it if you’re comfortable using either of my suggestions.

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This is probably a stupid question, so I apologize in advance…I only came across Bubble 3 weeks ago and have been devouring education like a madwoman since then, so I am new to it all, but is this looks like its straight from my page “this repeating group’s list of cardses : filtered” ? I have a similar named group if not the same, and I’m just curious if I need to learn about security.

Those name are the default name given by bubble to stuff dropped on the page, so no worries about the naming.

However, if you bring the security subject on the table, you need to understand that the operator :filter at the page level does not mean your data not visible is secured.
All the data loaded by the repeating group will always be visible on the front page if somebody inspects the code of the page.

If you want to go further into security you should check what Privacy rules are :+1:

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