Repeating group, only first cell viewable until user scrolls

I have a repeating group where only the first item is showing when the page loads until the user scrolls. So the user might not see that there are more items.

This is what the user sees on page load.

Then after scrolling

Set up in editor:


Your editor might not be showing all the elements within your rg row nor if the height of the page, settings of the container group if any, height of the vertical bar shown, etc. That being said you could …

shorten the height of your rg row and experiment if this solves the issue


add a group with a text below the rg to invite the user to scroll down further (ensuring to this with a condition if the entries count is greater than some number of entries … like 3 or 4 … again this should be experimented with

I tried playing with the spacing but no luck

Anyone know of a potential solution?

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