Repeating Group Query [RESOLVED]

Hi guys, loving the app and hopefully will be able to pitch it to my work colleagues so we can buy into it for a more commercial use! Whilst trying to make a database, I have created a repeating table in order to show the values the users enter however when I add a text element into the first cell, all of them become the same thing? I was hoping to make each column a different text element if that makes sense? Here is a picture of my issue

Welcome! I hope your pitch goes well .

What you’re showing an editor view. It will always show up like that when you’re building. Hit that “preview” button top right of your screen and in preview mode your data will populate the RG.

Hi Duke!

Thanks for such a swift reply! I may not have explained it very well, when I add a text element to the first cell in my table, all of the cells become that one element, I have at least 15 separate text elements to add so was wondering if it’s possible to have a separate t ext element for each column cell?

This is prior to me adding the first text element

And this is when I add the first text element, it populates the entire grid. I’m trying to just populate the top colum with the different data fields so that shows on the users view if that makes more sense?

Ah no, not yet. You have to build out your header separately using another group and static text elements. Everything you put in the RG will be dynamic.

There is currently no way to create a header directly in a repeating group, though it’s been asked for recently. You can take the time to look through that thread and +1 it, if you want :wink:

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Ahhh, so this picture above

I did a quick paint image to show what I mean which is different from the above and hopefully can maybe put me in the right direction?

Just had a look at the topic you sent and it’s not what I mean, I’m terrible at explaining things so my bad in advance! :frowning:

I’m not sure I’m getting it, or you haven’t done the lessons :wink: The rg will pull data from your database and display it like in the second picture (paint ).

Ah! Okay so strangely now when I add the information into the datebase and save it, the RG pulls the data I assume but this is all that shows? No information

Yes, so we see two cells, meaning you actually pulled data. Now you just need to display it. Go to your text element and select “dynamic data”. Then put “current cell’s” whatever. Note that it has to be text.

Try with “unique id” to start, just to see if it works.

Okay, I’ve had this come up after doing that.

Which is good it’s working now! However I only have the one dynamic data showing which is the CRB number, I was hoping to see more data?

After adding another piece of data, it’s showing up alongside it, the way in which I’d like it to work is like the paint picture I showed you before so it resembles like an excel spreadsheet?


Through messing around I have sorted it! Nevermind I have worked it out now! Thankyou sir!

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