Repeating group return a single line with load times

Hi Bubblers

This is hopefully a simple question, but I cannot find the exact answer.
I have a quiz with 50 questions these are displayed in a RG. Each question has multiple choice answers which are from another table and in a further RG.
I want to display one question at a time. When I use the RG to return 1 row, it is slow to load each time I move through to the next question, with the 2nd repeating group having to be rendered after the first. This creates a delay of 1-2 seconds which is a poor UX.

One way around this is to load the whole repeating group at first load (this doesnt take more than 3-4 secs and solves the UX problem), but I still want the user to only see one question at a time.
Is there a way I can only “show” the relevant question with the others already “pre-loaded”.

Perhaps I can use a state to create a count to show and hide?

Many thanks

Establish a condition to hide and show a row. Since you want to only show one you could have a number in a state that changes based on whether a question has been answered and if it coincides with the cell index then the row is visible.

There are many ways to skin this cat and the above is one just for illustration purposes :slight_smile:

Hi @cmarchan

Thank you for taking time to reply.
This was along the lines of where I was thinking. But I might need you to elaborate and give me a bit more details

I have a repeating group within a repeating group so it takes a few seconds to load, this is fine for an initial load, but a terrible UX each time.
I have put a “hacky” method in that animates the second search to create a better UX. But I am sure this is using a tonne of WL and on slow browsers it might still be a problem.

So in summary first challenge is to “hide” the initial loading of the RGs and then second is to show and hide each row based on Q number etc.