Repeating group scroll position value

For non-extending scroll in repeating groups to determined scroll position.
Likely to be use to get a native app feel in a web app.

Kind suggestion:

RepeatingGroup Current Scroll Position (returns pixels)
RepeatingGroup Scroll At Start (returns yes/no)
RepeatingGroup Scroll At End (returns yes/no)
RepeatingGroup Scroll Percent (returns number 1-100)

This would allow to present UX elements for adding additional items to the repeating group once the user reaches a position in the repeating group.



Has something like this, since been handled?

Could utilize this for Galleries as shown in Example:

Screenshot 2020-11-29 at 19.28.49

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I would also find something like this useful.

A part of the app I’m building involves a messaging section, and I’m using a repeating group to show previous messages. I’d like to show messages from oldest to newest, with newest on the bottom of the repeating group. I can do this, however the “Vertical Scrolling” Layout style makes only the oldest messages show first, and the user must scroll within the repeating group to see the newest messages, which is very wonky.

If I had the ability to manipulate the scroll position within the vertical scrolling repeating group, that would solve this and many other use cases I think.

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Hello there @johndurso !
Just wondering if you already found a workaround for your problem since I’m having the same needs and issues :smiley:

Don’t hesitate if you found something :wink:

I’m not sure this what you’re looking for, but it made me think of intersectionObserver function. It can figure out when something is visible. Maybe you can pair that with the Toolbox to trigger a workflow?

CleanShot 2022-10-24 at 14.36.03


source video


This is nice @rico.trevisan

Awesome thanks !
For my part I’ve managed to obtain what I wanted, problem was in fact in my process workflow (as the repeating group was calculated slower than it was shown, it didn’t scroll all the way down).
A mix of adapting the workflow and ticking “show all item immediatly” did the trick.