Reverse Scrolling repeating group


I have news feed feature just like facebook where users can post comments.

I have a floating group with an input field stick to the bottom of the page for the users to write their comments or reply to a specific comment…

When a user choose to reply to a specific comment (comments are in a repeating group) i would like the repeating group the reverse scrolling and bring the comment in question to the bottom of the screen.

i am talking about “reverse” scrolling because “scrolling” brings elements to the top of the screen

I would really appreciate your help


I haven’t tried it but you could try sorting the repeating group by descending order then in the workflow have a scroll to position

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thanks for the feedback, scroll to position you mean “scroll to entry” within repeating group?

there may be a scroll to last entry, however i;m nt sure and unable to check atm

Unfortunately i don’t see it :frowning:

what about scroll to repeating groups, list of things, last item

animate scroll for extra zzzshoosh

just thinking aswell you could set a
“do when” condition to scroll the page down every time a new message is entered, so as people who arent posting messages still have the scroll effect

Thanks Chad, i managed to scroll within the repeating group
What i would like to achieve is to be able to bring any “comment” to the bottom of the screen…
It is just like the facebook app, when you want to reply to a specific message within a discussion, a focus is made on this message and it comes just above the input field, so the user knows he/she is replying to this specific message…

I hope my explanation is clear

Computer or Mobile version of facebook

mobile app

Im not exactly sure what you mean can you post a video or gif

here it is

Thanks again

Hi @yanisbensalem

How did you set up the scroll within the repeating group? I am unable to figure a way so I can have workflows that scroll in the repeating group to a certain position ( X Y values ) compared to a particular entry.


To be honest…i moved away from bubble…i preferred learn to code and i am almost there in my project …coding is way more efficient and flexible
conclusion: don’t remember how i did sorry

Yup, I wanted to do this for a chat feature and this is how I solved. Sort by descending and automatically scroll to the bottom of the list through a workflow on page load! Works perfectly :slight_smile: