Repeating group search terms

I have two tables:

1st table called BAGS that has two fields:

BagName and IsBagPrinted with entries:

  1. Blue Bag - Yes
  2. Red Bag - No
  3. Yellow Bag - Yes

2nd Table is called ORDER-TABLE that only has the name of the bags so one field only

with entries:

Blue Bag
Blue Bag
Yellow Bag
Red Bag
Yellow Bag

So I want to create a repeating group from the table ORDER_TABLE that shows only bags that are printed.

Is there a way of doing that please?

Well, unless you have more fields in the ORDER-TABLE the two tables are basically the same.

the first repeating group / table would be:

do search for BAGS.

it will show you all bags with all printed status.

The second table / repeating group you can make has a data source:

do search for BAGS but it has a constraint:
isBagPrinted = yes

it will then only list the printed bags.

If you need an order table / data type because you have a lot more fields that you need in that particular table you can create a field in ORDER_TABLE called BAGS. This is not a text field but a field of type BAGS.

This way you link BAGS to ORDER-TABLE.

But I do not think this will get you where you need to go. I would stick to as little data types as you can and it seems you can manage with just the BAGS table looking at your example.

Both tables have around 12 fields each! I’ve just simplified this here.

The second table ORDER-TABLE has order number, customer name, customer address etc, so I need to create a repeating group that shows only the customer orders that have printed bags on order so that I can pass it to the right person in the factory.

How do I do that?

You can try a constraint in the ORDER_TABLE (but you need a field of BAGS that is of type BAGS)

BAG = do search for BAGS with constraint isBagPrinted = yes

However, it sounds like an order can have multiple BAGS on it.

In that case you need to ahve a field of BAGS that is a list on the ORDER_TABLE.

then the constraint will be:

search for ORDERS where BAGS contains do search for BAGS where Printed = yes

I simplify things and if I have an order with two bags or more I create a new record with same order number, so one record per bag but two records can have the same order reference, to keep things simple. Not Ideal but when I get better with bubble will upgrade!..sorry this is me too( various2 )

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