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Hello Everyone,

I am having some trouble. Im still a little new to this but slowly getting better at it. I have faced another problem.

I am using a repeating group to show entries for a form. I currently have a search box for one of the fields setup and working. (using a text input and a workflow that says when the input’s value has changed; Display the same list but adding the input value as a constraint) That works.

Now i want to add a second search box for the table. For example i have two fields im specifically working on. Employee Name and Employee PIN. If i have two Johns, i want to search based on John and a specific PIN. The way i have it setup wont work for multiple searches i assumed, tested and confirmed.

Would i have to create separate workflows with conditions on the input boxes, ending up with like over 10 potential workflows using the IF statements or is there an easier way to do this?


Hello! If I’m understanding correctly, you have multiple fields you need to search within the repeating group?

If you’re using the search box element, it only allows searching a single field, such as employee. What I prefer is doing a search using an input element with a group focus to show results. I have a detailed walk through on how to build it on this thread, last post. Creating folders for individualized content - like a real estate app

I hope this helps!

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Sorry maybe i need to explain a little better. I have a repeating group showing a list of entries of a login-log (yea i know bad name lol). This log consists of the employee name that is logged in, their PIN and time/date. The repeating group is displayed to mimic a table of data (row per entry). at the top of the page i have a text input where a user can type in a specific PIN number and it will only display all entries with that PIN number using the workflow: When input value changed>Show list, do a search for login-log; PIN contains input_PIN. this is working great. however now i want the ability to search using two fields. if i want the ability to search for a pin and a name at the same time. using the same setup it only does one (which i understand why)

What i want to know is, is there a better way to do this or do i just need to setup all the workflows? if i want to search using 3 fields that would be 9 different workflows i would have to create or more.

The solution I posted above should work for this. It would allow you to search any field, and return only values where any field matches the input criteria. Such as employee “John Smith” with pin “0001” and date 1-1-2019".

I might still be missing what you’re trying to achieve though. I’m a little more visual. :laughing: No bubble reference intended.

Or, you may just set additional constraints on your display list function to match the additional search criteria.

i think i see what you mean. I am now searching using the built in repeating group data using constraints and ignoring empty constraints so on page load it will show all items. then if the input is filled it it automatically changes the search for list. This works. much simpler than using a workflow to do this. Thanks

Awesome! Glad it got working for you!

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