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Repeating Group Setup

Hello All,

I have build my app and now i am in the final stage of showing the content i.e. the customers info. I am using the Repeating group. I have seen in videos that when you drag the Text element in the repeating group, you get the option of “Parentgroup…”. I am not able to get that. I instead get the Current Cell …

This is the page where i want to create:

The data i want to fetch the information of “Rating” and “Q1” columns from Ratings Table.

Request you to please help me but do not delete any existing functionality.


I only see a blank page

So do I …

Sorry My Mistake. The repeating group is available now on the page i mentioned. Can you please let me know if its right way or is there any better way to do it.

You will get the parent group option if you have a group in the cell of the repeating group, and put the text box in there. It all depends on how you are passing the data around.

Ok. Thanks a lot. One more query, I have added the Repeating group. How do i give title to the Fields mentioned in the repeating group?

There is already a thread somewhere talking about this,