Repeating Groups "group by" Broken?

For the last six months or so, I’ve had a leaderboard for my users up and running. It’s a repeating group with a “group by” user and sorted by the sum of the data point for the leaderboard. Here’s an example of what it’s looked like up until this week:

This past week, probably Wednesday, the sorting of the data suddenly changed. it’s not alphabetic, it’s not by the sum of the data point, as you can see below. I’m always on top too, for whatever reason.

I haven’t touched this part of the app for months so I’m not sure what has changed. I tried to replicate the behavior in a test app I use for poking around at things and I’m getting the exact same behavior.

Screenshot from 2020-02-01 18-39-03

Is this a new bug or am I missing something obvious?


We recently made a change to sorting in repeating groups, so if you’re seeing unexpected behavior (like the above), please do submit a bug report with reproducible steps so that our team can investigate.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks, will do!

Hi @eve,

As I understand it, it’s transparent to us, right? or a new feature?

Hey! This specifically pertained to how data that is sourced via API is sorted (so most users should not have seen any effects), but it’s possible that it affected another aspect of the sort mechanism; we’ll certainly investigate!

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I’ve submitted the bug report.

For me, it’s not API related (i don’t think), it’s simply grouping numbers by users and sorting by the sum associated with each user. It worked a week ago, today it’s not.

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Sounds like Bubble support were able to confirm this as an issue. Now just to wait for the fix.

Had the same issue. But popped back to correct sorting as of last night for me.

Are you still seeing the issue?

As of moments ago, yes, I’m still seeing it.

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This appears to be working as of this morning.

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