Not able to sort values in a group within repeating group

Hi all,

I have been trying to sort a repeating group with the value of one of the elements within a group under the repeating group.

In the below mentioned image, I am trying to allow the users to sort the repeating group on the basis of the underlined value of spends. One issue i am facing is that the values of spends, cart, sale are getting loaded from a different source table and is embedded in a group within the repeating group.

I would want to sort the repeating group using these values but when I choose the change field name i am not able to select the values in the group, so had to hit the API again for pulling data to sort.

This way of sorting did not sort the table in the required manner and did not give any response.

Can someone help me with a better way of sorting this group with the values in the group.

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If you create some states, and set an individual state for each of those categories. Ie, when you click on Spends set the state of the repeating group to your newly created State which inside it sets your data to be sorted by that element.

Does that make sense?

@harrytuckerr: Thanks for the reply.

What you have suggested absolutely makes sense but the issue i am facing here is that i am not able to sort on the basis of the selected value.

Let me try to explain this with a scenario, Hope this can help in explaining the issue better.

Lets say i have a repeating group with source X, this will give me the name of the product, date added to catalog and the product category.

Now I need the prices, number of items sold, number of times its added to cart etc. This information is available in source Y.

Now when i want to show this in a repeating group, I first create a repeating group with source X and then put a group with the repeating group with the source Y. This will ensure that i capture both the product details and the product analysis details in the repeating group.

Now in this scenario, the repeating group allows me to sort by values available in source X but not in source Y.

I would like to know how to sort the repeating group with source Y instead of Source X.

Hi @sriram :slight_smile: I don’t think this is currently possible, but it’s on Bubble’s roadmap!

I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but does each Product only belong to one Product Analysis Thing? If so, can you store everything on the Product? Or, could you have another repeating group which does a Search for Product Analyses (and uses the sort filter you need), that contains a group to display that Product Analysis’ Product?

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Thanks @fayewatson & @NigelG.

This seems to be a long shot and a too complex work around for the same, which would require lot of data to be store in bubble database.

Just out of curiosity, Is there a way where we can merge two tables.

I have one table in pase database which i am pulling using API connector and the other table is in Mysql pulled using sql connector. Do we have a way to merge these tables?

Can this be done through Bubble, If yes can you help me with the steps?

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