Repeating group states

Hi everyone,

I am doing the following. I have a repeating group displaying an option set of Regions. Group inside repeating group that holds all the information has a state “selected” which is either yes or no based on whether user has clicked on the element or not.

The issue is that I am not able to reset those states from outside of the Repeating group. Hence, after using the popup once, upon opening it a second time the previously selected Regions are highlighted.

I would like to reset them when the popup is no longer visible, because I allow user to update the information and that would be the correct way to do (in my opinion).

Thanks for help!

Hi @martynas,

Yeah, states in repeating groups (actually, on the items in the repeating group) are hard to reach, so there is another solution to make items in a repeating group selectable:

A) Create two states on page level, both of type region and one with _prev in the name and make sure to mark them as list:


B) Adjust the workflow you use now (to set that state selected) to do this:

  1. Action 1: Set state regions_prev to state regions (copy the contents of state regions_prev to regions).

  1. Action 2: Add the region of the current cell (the one that is clicked) to state regions, but only when state regions_prev does not already contain this region (see the condition). In other

  1. Action 3: Remove the region of the current cell from state regions, but only when region_prev already contains it.

C) Add a condition so that the user can identify the regions that he or she selected:


Now when the popup is closed and/or you have processed the data in the state regions you can set states regions and regions_prev to empty:

*It is a good habit to keep all of the states in one place, it makes them easier to find afterwards.

In the end it should work like this:

Hope this helps,

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You can also try using the free plugin ‘Orchestra’:

This will allow you to create workflows outside of the repeating group that affect individual cells of the repeating group based on conditions or states.

Thank you! Everything works


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