Cant find repeating groups to set the state

I am getting an error where my Repeating Groups are no longer available to set the state. You can see in the video below that I did have them set at one point but now Bubble can’t find them.


Is the Button Cancel in the repeating group or is RG Part List in a repeating group itself?

Button Cancel is in a popup and the RG Part List is embedded in another repeating group

That is the issue then. You cannot access an element within a repeating group from an element that is outside that repeating group. I am assuming when you initially connected it in the workflow the button cancel was in the same repeating group as RG Part List.

To fix the issue just move the state that you are setting to the Repeating group that the RG Part List is in.

I have actually found, for me anyway, that it is easiest to set all states on the highest level elements, if not just the page itself. That way it can always be accessed and all states are easy to find, so you don’t have to remember which elements have custom states.

That solved it…thanks for the help.

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