Repeating Group that is already scrolled to the bottom

Is there a way to have a repeating group’s default scrolling position when the page loads to be already scrolled down to the bottom?

I have a chat/inbox messaging page on my app but every time a user clicks on a conversation, the repeating group of messages between them starts at the top with their original first messages ever sent. I don’t wanna just sort by date and use descending order cause I still want the message is order from top (oldest) to bottom (newest). Picture like any other facebook messenger, whatsapp, text app on mobiles how when you open a conversation it’s already scrolled to the most recent messages at the bottom.

You can use the scroll to action, and set the scroll to repeating group’s last item. Here’s a quick video example.


That worked. Thanks heaps.

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Actually it isn’t working for me exactly how I want it cause when I click on a conversation in my other repeating group of conversations that then loads the repeating group of messages it doesn’t work. On page load it works just like you showed in the video, but the other workflow I’ve got for changing to a different conversation loads the messages but won’t scroll even though I’ve used the same action as the page load workflow. @dan1 - any ideas?

This free template might help, its a complete messaging system

If you’re sending a new list to the repeating group, that’s different than the page is loaded event. (Ie. page is loaded only runs once - when the page is loaded).

If you want for it to work after a new conversation is displayed, you should use the same “scroll to” action following the event where you display the new conversation.

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marcusandrews - it doesn’t have the scroll to the bottom action in it. cheers though.

@dan1 - that’s what I’ve done but it doesn’t work.

If you’d like for me to take a closer look, please either share a link to your editor in a PM or provide more context (screenshots, observed behavior, etc). Otherwise, it’s hard for me to provide any guidance.

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