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Repeating group - Using OR in API filter

I want to create a filter for a repeating group where the response from an API field (Job for example) could be one of two values.

I is possible to show values filtered by ‘Option 1’ OR ‘Option 2’ within repeating groups?

Hi there, @garypyne… adding an advanced filter to a repeating group’s search is one way to go because advanced filters give you the ability to construct an OR condition (I think I remember another thread where you and I discussed advanced filters, so I believe you already know about the performance-related caveats that come with using advanced filters). Another way to go is to use the merged with operator to merge two searches together (i.e., a search that includes a constraint for Option 1 merged with a search that includes a constraint for Option 2).

Hope this helps.


Ahhh yes you’re right. Good memory Mike!

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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