Full Calendar - Recurring Events

Hey there!

I’ve been having trouble with Full Calendar for a long time now and I don’t know how to solve a seemingly simple problem!

I need to be able to create recurring events in Full Calendar. So if someone creates an event, they should have the option to repeat it “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly”. This is a very basic function of calendars but I am having such a hard time with it.

The method described here works:

-Demo: https://dave-auld-demo-stuff.bubbleapps.io/calendar-demo
-Editor: dave-auld-demo-stuff | Bubble Editor

The problem is that there is no end datetime for events themselves in this method. Only an end date for the series of events. So when I try to implement “Create an event that spans from 2pm-4pm on “x” date, then repeat is weekly until “x” date”, it doesn’t work anymore.

Is anyone able to help? I can provide more detail if needed.

Thank you!