Repeating group workflows not working


Just today I am having troubles with repeating groups.

  1. I create a repeating group to list things
  2. I create groups inside the repeating group to “frame” the things data
  3. It becomes a parent group
  4. I put different buttons with workflows in each parent group

Now what’s happening is weird.

If I display just one item in the RG all workflows work perfectly.

But as soon as there is more than 2 items, nothing works anymore. I can click on the buttons but the page keeps loading and loading …

Any idea what the problem is and how to fix it ?

Update : I can’t even click anywhere else on the page of in my header menu and have workflows work. It seems as everything is frozen

Thank you

It’s a bit hard to guess what could be going on without knowing any specifics…

Do you have a link to your page, or editor? (without that it will be hard to guess what’s wrong)

Hi @thibautranger,
I think you have problem with your button workflow.

Ensure that the action from this workflow is correct data.

because this problem, I think you made some changes to data / state. it causes loop because the data incorrect / not accessible.

for more details, you can take screenshot / share your editor link. :slight_smile:

Thank your for your quick answers.

I inspected chrome’s console and it turns out I just had a problem with groups containing dates and I had a “Recursion when evaluating property” problem.

It’s now fixed, thank you !

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