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Repeating Input Form


i have create a Repeating Group of “Category” with Input showing their names.
also enable user to quickly modify the names of category in 1 click.

My Problem:

How to setup the logic in the workflow?
So, when user click the submit button, it will capture the new name ( or all name ) and applied into the category?

Create a Repeating group displaying all your “Categories”

Insert input fields. Set each “CategoryName” to be initial content.

Data should be either auto-binding or you’ll need SAVE button next to each input field to make changes. Save Button outside the Repeating Group won’t work. At least, I don’t know how to make it work.

Let me know if this helps. :fist:

Wow. Amazing.
how fast the question being answered in this community…

Really really appreciate the help in such well documented reply. Thanks.

I’m glad I could help. Don’t forget to click SOLUTION button so other’s can reference to it in the future.