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Saving Input fields within repeating group

Hi everyone.
I need some help please.
I am attempting to create a sign-up with some specific features and reporting.

I am using a repeating group to display the available sign-up items and would like the users to be able to add a quantity and comment within each repeating group cell and then ultimately save the information to a different table.
How am I able to save the input fields within the repeating group?
I am trying to accomplish this without purchasing a plugin.
Sample screenshot attached.

Thank you

You can use auto-binding on inputs and it will let you select which field in the database to edit. Just make sure the parent group is the type of data that needs to be edited. That way you should instantly see the changes in other locations.

Or does everything save when the user clicks the sign-up button?

Yes, everything saves when the user hits the Sign-up button.


you can work with auto-binding as already mentioned. However, keep on eye on what you are actually changing. For example if you show the repeating group with products, you don’t want to edit the original product data type.
You need to have some kind of a copy. I did this when I developed an app for food ordering including icons to add more or less. Therefore, I created a data type of ordering positions (with relations to the original order and the current customer).

Hope this makes sense.

Use workflows on the inputs in the repeating cells to say when their value is changed set the state of, for example, the page or any other element. Name the custom states of that element in a fashion so that you will know where that data belongs in the database and then when the sign up button is clicked you can access those states to save data to the database.

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