How To Have A Workflow For a Button Outside Repeating Group Intended To Control Data Within It?

Hi Guys,

This may be basic, but your help would be very appreciable. I have a repeating group with (say, 8 rows) - and each row holds an input text box. I have a ‘submit’ button outside the repeating group.
What I want it: When I click on ‘submit’, each text box should be saved onto the database. I am able to do it when the ‘submit’ button is within the repeating group (as in - each row has a submit button each), but I am unable to do it when it is outside. Would you know how to do it please.

Note below the repeating group, the save button in red is outside the repeating group and the save button inside the repeating group is marked in amber.

Perhaps you could get rid of all the save buttons and just have the inputs auto-bind your table/fields as the individually updated?

Hello, could you let me know how to auto-bind the input and the tables? I have actually resolved the issue with a work-around by making use of the text boxes as static data. But still that can only hold a limited number of data in that case. Could you let me know how to use ‘auto-bind’ - I can improvise on my design.

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