Repeatinggroup doesn't show created items?

Hi fellow Bubblers!

I’ve got a popup in which people can configure a multiple choice question for a survey tool. I’ve created sets of choices, for example ‘ja/nee/nvt’, which can be used to add a pre-defined set of choices to a question.

When a user creates a question, they can select a set of choices by clicking on the ‘Ja/Nee/NVT’ (repeating group in a groupfocus) as showed below:

When they select it, a workflow is triggered first to create the question, then schedule an API workflow to add the choices to the question:

The backend workflow looks like this:

However, when the backend workflow is fired off, the items are created in the database, but the repeating group isn’t showing all of these items, sometimes none, sometimes 1 or 2, but seldom of them. Which is strange, because when I refresh the page and load the repeating group again, is shows them correctly:

I’ve already tried using the ‘display list in repeating group’ after the API workflow is scheduled, but that doesn’t work either. And yes, I’ve checked the privacy rules!

Has anyone experienced an issue like this before and figured out how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Backend workflows and scheduled workflows in particular are not instantaneous. They take some time to complete. If you are using the action ‘display list in repeating group’ after you scheduled the workflow, it will be before all the scheduled workflows actually finish, the repeating group will not show all of the created things.
The ‘display list in repeating group’ action does not update as the underlying search changes. (This is generally useful to minimise WU, as you stop bubble from runing the search multiple times)
If you use a plain ‘do a search for:’ on the RG, the new entries will be added to the repeating group as they are created in the backend, as long as the search constraints are correct. (I do not recommend this for WU reasons)

If you want to minimise the time taken for the things to be created, consider implementing the Data API, as its much faster at creating things than scheduled backend workflows

I would also analyse whether its actually necessary to create multiple things in the database on a singly button press. If its a basic multiple choice question/answer form, why not condense all the data into a single dataThing which uses list of texts for possible choices or something along those lines? It would consume less WU overall.

Hi Nico,

Thanks for you advise!

At the moment, I do use a ‘search for’ action in the repeating group, that’s the weird thing. The items exist in the database, but don’t show in the RG. I could use a Data API indeed, but I was looking for a simple way hahaha. If it would be more than 10 items for example, I would use a Data API, but this is just a couple of items.

Can you share a screenshot of your RG datasource?


I’m having the same issue … a simple search doesn’t show every entrance on DB … don’t know why!

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Okay, did you already create a bug with the support desk? Maybe if more of us do, they will spend more attention to it.

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