Scroll to bottom of repeating group [solved]

Hello! I am currently in development of a web messaging app and I am looking in to how to scroll to the bottom of the repeating group that contains the messages automatically. I have read through a couple other posts about this, but the solution is not what I’m looking for. If anybody could help, that’d be great!


Use the action “scroll to entry”, and the entry to scroll to, would then be the RG’s list of messages last item.

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This seems to not work for me. Are there any other options?

Could you share a public editor link? I can take a look into it, if you would like to.

Yes, I will set it to “Everyone can View” and I will PM it to you.

Check out the anchor to bottom here:

@gaurav: Sorry, but I do not want to pay for services that I can do for free some other way.

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Is this the RG?

Don’t know why my suggestion above shouldn’t work. How did you proceed?

Sorry for the late reply, but yes, that’s the repeating group. I am trying to get it to scroll to the very bottom of it on load. Not show the most recent message on top.

Sort your RG by creation date. On page load, scroll to the last entry.


Okay, thank you. It worked for me! Just a little buggy due to bubble, but I can find a way to work around that!

Thank you!

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