RepeatingGroup Tools - This Input Should Not Be Empty not working in repeating group form

I have a shopping cart that uses a repeating group to display all the shopping cart items on the checkout page. The repeating group allows people to enter all the details of their order before triggering the paying/submitting workflow. However, the workflow should only trigger if all the inputs have been entered.

I’m using RepeatingGroup Tools to “extract” the entries from the Input text box in the repeating group and pass it to the workflow.

The input i’m interested in is Column 5 Input URLs value.

I’ve tried many variations of different conditions in the workflow to only trigger when there’s an entry in the Input for every item in the Repeating Group but nothing is working.

I’m trying to equate the number of entries with the total number of items in the repeating group, and if they match, repeating group should run, but it’s still counting every entry, whether it’s been filled in or not, and triggering the workflow.

I tried using “each item is not empty:count” - and it’s the same thing, the thing just runs irrespective of whether the Inputs are empty or not.

I’ve also considered different approaches using custom states but I can’t figure any of this out.

Any help?


What I understand of your settings, you are using the value from a plugin RGExtractor in WF, But this won’t apply the “this input cannot be empty” function in this case. This will only apply when you create or update a thing and use the field directly.
Using the filter like you did may work, only if the RG provide a list of value and probably using a filter to check for any null value in the list. Something like RGData total’s column 5 list:Filtered (is not empty): count is not 0
I think that actually, your filter doesn’t work because the plugin will return null if the input value is missing (or maybe 0… use inspector to know what is returned).

Hi Jici, thanks for your quick reply!

I know that This Input Should Not Be Empty won’t work in a repeating group, that’s why i’m using the RG Tools extractor to get the data.

I’m trying to do what you suggested, but i don’t know how to use the filtered command:

I don’t see an “is not empty” option, do you have any advice on how to set it up?

Probably this text is not empty
This input should not be empty work in RG… the problem is that you are using a plugin that will not care about this rule and will not propagate to Create or update thing action.

That worked! It was to use filters! Thanks SO MUCH!

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