"This input should not be empty" doesn't work in RepeatingGroup

Anyone has form fields displayed dynamically in a RepeatingGroup?

“This input should not be empty” doesn’t seem to work in such a case?

There’s also no direct mechanism to refer such Inputs’ values, except a convoluted use of the workflow “When Input’s value has changed”. Very strange implementation.

It’s a logic behavior.

As the content of the repeating group is dynamic you don’t know in advance how many items (and inputs) there’ll be, so how can you use or refer to those inputs?

If you have inputs inside a repeating group, make them binding and save the value directly when the user enters the value.

I AM using and referring to those inputs right now.

It’s a dynamic form defined by data in the database.

The problem is I have to make many workarounds just to use those inputs because it seems this use case wasn’t considered by Bubble.

It seems that I didn’t understand your question.

You have a dynamic form created with a repeating group. You have input/s inside the repeating group and you are able to refer to those inputs that are not created yet (besided the “When Input’s value has changed”)?

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I also have to create my own workflows to implement the feature “this input should not be empty” because the checkbox doesn’t work.

This introduced other issues for me. I think they should be solvable, but I’m just puzzled why this whole thing wasn’t considered as a use case in the first place,

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