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Why won't empty inputs show in a repeating group?

I’m building a repeating group of inputs like:

But on the live page on page load (without anything in the database yet or being sent to the group) it won’t show the empty input to allow the user to make the 1st entry.

What is your repeating group content type? It needs a source to display something, even if just 1 item. So if there is no data, you can’t start with that first cell. I recommend having a button outside of the RG to “add first Thing” so that the RG can display 1 cell at least. The user would then modify that cell’s thing via the inputs you have set up.

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Problem is it’s on the home page and I don’t want to burn through so many workflows. Ideally, it creates an empty Thing on page load which would then display the inputs.

By design, you need things to show in a repeating group. Not sending a list “without anything in the database yet or being sent to the group” will make that the list is empty.

It wouldn’t make any sense to have some inputs in a rep group that is empty. just put them in a group, or somewhere else.

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The problem is the user needs to be able to add an infinite number of Things or I would put it in a standard group. This would be for a multi-leg flight itiniarary.

Put the next itinerary leg entry form outside the repeating group, when the user clicks add, pop it into the database and the repeating group with extend to add the latest leg, reset the input controls ready for the next leg.

Create the first leg on page load.

Have an “add” button in the repeating group that a) updates the fields on your leg thing and b) creates a new blank leg c) has a condition that hides the button if the cell’s index < count of entries.

And use the new “Only When” condition on page load so that a new leg is only created when the RG’s list is zero (so that a page refresh doesn’t create a new one).

This is how I’ve got it set up on the inner pages but the problem is the burn through workflows on every home page hit.

I played around with this and created a dummy Group that exposes the Real repeating group on click and it works but with bad UX.

What I need is the ability to trigger a workflow when an INPUT is clicked, (regardless if there is a change or not to the input) this way if the user clicks any of the ‘dummy inputs’ the real repeating group shows and I hope, instantly sets the cursor to the correct input that the user clicked on within the repeating group. This way I’m not running workflows on page load and the action is initiated by the user.

Is this “when input is clicked do X” possible @emmanuel vs. having to change the input to have it do something?

This is not something we can do now.

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