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Reponsive Tab not Really Responsive

Hi Guys, I’m having a hard time figuring this out and might need some help getting this situated.

I’m having issues with my responsive tab. My app is responsive in UI builder and also in browser (F12 on Chrome) but not in responsive tab and I get some spillage of elements.

Anyone know if this is a known issue?

E.g. UI Builder at 1920px:

Responsive Tab at 1920px:

Chrome at 1920px:

Chrome at 768 x 1024px:

Group the two icons together fixed, fixed width, in the responsive editor, alight right.

They are grouped together and both are set to fixed with. I believe you’re not able to group anything in the responsive tab.

Is the group fixed width? Correct, you can only group in the editor. If both icons are within a group, and the outer is fixed width, and aligned right (using the responsive tab), it’d be hard to tell what’s causing the issue without seeing more.

I understand. My main question is why is this only happening in the responsive tab? It works perfectly in the actual webpage.