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As a no-code enthusiast who has built an ERP for our company using, I’m unsure where to start or how to best present my request. Despite having no prior experience with coding or database structures, I’ve managed to create a functional system, although it is far from perfect. For the most part, the ERP performs well, but it occasionally encounters hiccups.

One of the most significant challenges is generating reports based on the data collected within our ERP. It’s difficult to implement the necessary calculations for accurate reports, and there may be underlying structural issues with how the data is organized that hinder the creation of proper reports. Consequently, I wish there were a plugin that could act as a report generator and assist with producing reports in

Does anyone have any insights on where to begin or whether such a plugin could be created?

Hi Brain,

Using a plugin for calculations might not be the right choice (given that Bubble is not optimized for that and the recent pricing changes), but a couple of options are:

  1. Really the first thing I would do it to see whether it is possible to adjust the data types to better facilitate reporting (keeping in mind perfomance and since last week also WU usage
  2. Bubble published a blog a couple of weeks ago about Sparklite, it allows your to run complex calculations (or so they say), see Sparklite for Bubble: Run complex calculations for powerful web apps.
  3. Use AWS Lambda functions.
  4. I’ve used various Python offerings to perform calculations and process data, f.i. with and dedicated Linux systems.

Hope this answers your question,

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