Request the release of Notrealtwitter workflow & design, plus walkthrough?

Hi all. Would it be possible to release the source workflows of notrealtwitter, so that I can try and accelerate my own learning, please (and I’m sure other’s, too)? A really nice walk-through to accompany it would be very useful. The article is interesting, but only skims the surface and from a learning point of view leaves more questions than answers.

I have 2 apps that I would love to develop & launch on Bubble, one of which could borrow some of the workflow from notrealtwitter.

Thanks guys

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So we just made the twitter app public here (Example app). You can explore it. We’ll try to come up with a walk-through soon, but that will require some time to write :wink:


Thanks Emmanuel, absolutely superb!

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I would love to know how the newer features of Bubble, like Customer States, would simplify.

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It probably would, actually, instead of saving data on the current user. but the app was built before :stuck_out_tongue:

So @vlad just wrote this which covers a lot of interesting parts of cloning Twitter, including the data structure, some workflows, etc.

Thanks @vlad !

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This is going to help massively…what a job! Fantastic, @vlad. Thank you

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my pleasure, hope it helps people build stuff!

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hi, I wanted to reopen this topic, because I’m trying to replicate notrealtwitter v2

but I have some problems especially in the design, for example in the responsive tab to hide the menu from desktop to mobile I can’t because being float I don’t have the rule to hide, looking in the community some say to group the floating group with a normal group but it doesn’t seem like the best solution

so is it possible to clone the original app or have screenshots?

thanks :slightly_smiling_face: